WOFAN/WASH: Safe Drinking Water in Clinics and Dispensaries

 The WASH project co-funded by WOFAN and USAID in parts of Northern Nigeria is helping to reduce water-borne diseases by improving access to safe drinking water and hygiene facilities

 in public hospitals and dispensaries. By providing boreholes and VIP Latrines in clinics and dispensaries, hospitals not only have access to clean water and sanitary conditions, patients, staff and community members also have increased access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities.

As at the 31st of December 2012, WASH facilities had been provided in 21 health centers across 5 local government areas in Sokoto State And, with these facilities in hospitals and dispensaries, hygiene practices such as hand washing at critical times can be promoted easily with the availability of hand pumps and improved sanitation facilities.

Staff of Bagarawa Primary Health Center in Sokoto pump water from the borehole provided through the WASH project by USAID and WOFAN in the health center. Now, they have safe drinking water and sanitary conditions.