African Leaders and outstanding Individuals, honoured to mark- Global Peace Day- 11-11-2012

 The Excellence Award Institute -Dubai-UAE in partnership with WOFAN  honored leaders and Individuals to Mark 2012 Global Peace Day  at the Burj Al- Arab Hotel- Dubai, UAE- 11-11-2012


As has become the practice in the last three years, WOFAN partnered with the Middle East Excellence Award Institute to celebrate this year’s Global Peace Day by honoring the achievements of peace organizations and individuals on the African continent with a series of awards.

The African Regional Award on Peace and Human Development honors governments, civil society and faith leaders and organizations whose exemplary efforts have substantially improved the lives of others. These awards underscore the importance of moral and innovative leadership, an ethic of public service, and a willingness to transcend boundaries of religion, ethnicity, culture and nationality in advancing the ideal of One Family under God. The winners of the award are people who have lived lives of integrity and have demonstrated a sustained commitment to realizing a world of peace even under challenging conditions that limit human potential and social development.

 Special awards were given to leaders and organizations from across Africa at the Burj Al-Arab Hotel in Dubai as part of the African Regional Award on Peace and Human Development Awards and in recognition of their selfless service and contributions to the development of peace and progress in their respective countries as well as the African continent.

  Kick-starting this year’s event, Director of the Excellence Award Institute, Mr. Ali Kamali reiterated the central message of the awards in his opening remarks by calling on nations, states and individuals  to renew efforts to stop the tragedy of war and conflict across the world. Noting that peace can only be built through action and not with passivity, he said, This call is directed first to states and state leaders to join efforts in a global partnership for peace.” He then implored everyone to choose peaceful paths for resolution of international conflict.

Also speaking at the occasion, Hajia Salamatu Garba, Executive Director of WOFAN, a strategic partner for the African Region, Excellence Award Institute, declared that everyone must be a tool for peace by building bridges between states and peoples and facilitating intercultural dialogue in order to make the world a safer place to live

The captivating and memorable keynote address by Hajia Salamatu Garba provided insights into some basic facts about peace which are commonly overlooked. According to her, “most crises begin from our thoughts.”

 She also stressed that each man should be his brother’s keeper so that, “together everyone achieves more” advising that as humans, we must all use our differences (or ‘stones’ in her analogy) to build the bridge to peace.

 The Executive Director disclosed that the organizers of the Global Peace Day recognized all the above stated qualities in certain leaders, organizations and individuals hence the Middle East Excellence Award Institute, in partnership with its strategic African partner- WOFAN- decided to recognize and honor some outstanding persons at the prestigious Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai, UAE to mark this year’s Global Peace Day.

Recipients of this year’s African Regional Peace and Development Awards included His Excellency, the President of Niger Republic, Issoufou Mahamadou; His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Katsina state, Barr. Ibrahim Shema; His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kano State, Engr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso; His Excellency, the Governor of Agades, Colonel Major Garba Maikido; the founder Almaktoum Foundation, a global philanthropic organization based in Saudi Arabia; Dubai cares-UAE, working with Save the Children UK and UNICEF, focusing on children’s Development; and Zainab U. Sharriff, a pharmacist with a breakthrough in herbal medications for Africa.

 The occasion was graced by renowned motivational speakers, Giorgio Pignataro of Selling Skills Empowerment and Kelvin Abdulrahaman, author of ‘Whatever you’re into’ among others. In his presentation, Giorgio spoke extensively on the ‘3 pillars of leadership’ which he said were Vision, Communication and Energy.  He described vision as the ability to see “something that other people do not see yet” and used President Barak Obama as an example of a good communicator.

Carlos Picnatario also delivered a paper on visionary leadership in peace building.


                                                     Carlos Picnatario, presenting his paper on leadership                                                 


Mrs. Hawa Koshen of Somalia made PowerPoint presentations to demonstrate the plight of the people of Somalia who have longed for peace for so long, noting that women are so often forced to take up the roles of men in the refugee camps. She was delighted to state that after 20 years, peace is finally becoming a reality in Somalia and many of the displaced women and children are being resettled.


Although an awardee himself, His Excellency the Governor of Kano State (Nigeria) took time to state the Visions of his administration while displaying his Communication skills and Energy as an exemplary leader. 


 Cross Section of the Recepients from Various Categories who have all in one way or the other contributed to the peace and development of Africa.


 Her Excellecny, the First Lady of Katsina state, Haj. Fatima Shema receiving the award of behalf of the Governor of Katsina state. 

  Hajia Zainab U. Sheriff, receiving the African Peace award for contributing to health and human development across Africa. 

 Executive Secretary of Al Maktoum Foundation from Saudi Arabia receiving a global award on peace for contributing to Education in 14 countries across Africa and Middle East

 Executive Director of Dubai Cares partner of Save the children UNICEF, USAID and Dubai Development Foundation receiving a global award for contributing to women and children empowerment in Middle East and Africa.

 Executive Governor of Agadez Region of Niger Republic, Colonel-Major Garba Maikido receiving his award for peace keeping in Niger and neighboring countries of Africa.


Executive governor of Kano state Engr Rabiu Kwankwaso, in a roundtable discussion with an Italian firm, on youth empowerment projects for Kano state. He is flanked by the commissioner for Women Affairs and the Executive Director of WOFAN 

 Executive Director of WOFAN and the Executive secretary of Al-Maktoum Foundation of Saudi Arabia discussing way forward on development projects in Africa with Ali Kamali of Excellence Award Institute- Dubai-UAE



The day came to a close on a little less formal note with a friendly and PEACEFUL football match between Africa and The U.A.E. This provided the ideal platform to ‘practicalize’ all the lessons learnt during the event.  


 The match ended 2:1 in favor of Africa. The trophy, which was donated by His Excellency, Barr Ibrahim S. Shema, the Governor of Katsina State (Nigeria), was presented by the First Lady of Katsina State, Hajia Fatima Shema, supported by the Executive Director of WOFAN, Hajia Salamatu Garba.