The work to be assigned to pupils shall be equivalent to their level of ability and as standardized by the national curriculum. They shall be taught:

(a)     in groups of pupils with similar abilities

(b)     in groups of mixed ability children

(c)      as a whole class

(d)     individually


Ø  Play the central role in protecting their children from harm. The school is required to consider the safety of the pupil and should a concern arise, professional advice shall be sought prior to contacting parents.

Ø   Parents will be contacted, and the school will continue to work with the parents to support the needs of their children. 

Ø  Everyone in WOFAN irrespective of department, gender or status is committed to the education service and shall share an objective(s) to help keep pupils and young people safe by contributing to providing a safe learning environment and to identify those who are suffering, or likely to suffer significant harm or negligence, and, by taking appropriate action, of making sure they are kept safe both at home and at school.

SCHOOL POLICIES: At WOFAN Group of Schools, we are committed to equal opportunities in learning and employment for all members of our school community and those receiving services from the school. We promote inclusion and equality and strive to challenge discrimination in all forms